ecoVita, a life experience

A dream of innovative agriculture and sustainable tourism

Sustainable agriculture and experiential tourism

Creating agricultural production and tourist hospitality whilst respecting humankind and nature.

An innovative project

ecoVita is a sustainable development project in the agricultural tourism field. Based on respect for the environment and on personal growth, it aims to create a strong bond between humankind and nature.

The word eco derives from the Greek word “oikos” which means home, family. When we consider the world as our home and humanity and all living creatures as our family this precious prefix takes on all its profound and universal meaning.

Experiential Weekend

A stay at our agri-glamping site
Typical local cuisine and breath taking activities as you discover Sarrabus

Welcoming and sharing are the heart and soul of ecoVita. We want to transmit to our guests the joy, the well-being, the motivation and the commitment that we ourselves feel in our daily lives and accompany you as you discover the infinite wonders of South Sardinia.

So we have prepared two activity-packed days during which we can tell you about our project and the ecoVita story, share an aperitif by the bio lake, enjoy delicious pizzas cooked in the clay brick pizza oven washed down by Sardinian craft beer or alternatively we can prepare dinner for you using our home grown products and finally to end this wonderful experience an excursion that you can choose from those suggested in our catalogue.

Our values

ecoVita came to light as a dream: to show “hands on” how you can create agricultural production and tourist hospitality based on harmonious integration of people’s lives and their natural, social, technological and economic environments.

ecoVita shares and applies the ethical and humanistic values iterated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the Earth Charter.

Sustainable agriculture

Learning from and cooperating with Nature is the guiding light we follow to gather good fruits from the earth without compromising its ecosystem, in harmony with natural biodynamics.

Bio architecture

A house built with natural materials and technological wisdom envelops people in a profound sense of well-being should be hyphenated in balance with the natural environment.

The Resource Cycle

By respecting and supporting the intrinsic cyclicality of Nature with intelligence and wisdom, we can obtain all we need to sustain ourselves without altering the balance of the ecosystem.

A Life Experience

A stay at our eco farmhouse is a life experience dedicated to hospitality and personal well-being in pursuit of environmental sustainability and the discovery of our territory.

Humanist Economics

In our vision of conceiving and economising, we produce to create Value for the benefit of all involved, whilst respecting the environment around us.

Short Supply Chain

Food is the outcome of our work and the fruit of the respect with which we relate to the environment around us. It is also an opportunity to learn about local customs and traditions.

Ecovita places and spaces

The permacultural ecoVita farmhouse is located near the village of San Priamo in Sarrabus. It lies in an unspoilt area immersed in Mediterranean scrub,
where the sea makes its presence felt without dominating other countryside scents. It lends itself to agricultural and outdoor activities.

The Sustainable Farmhouse

We have designed the renovation of our farmhouse using eco-friendly techniques to optimise spaces
and ensure well-being and comfort while respecting nature.

The Agricultural Village

ecoVita è un’azienda agricola che si sviluppa su un terreno ricoperto in gran parte da vegetazione spontanea tipica della macchia mediterranea, che abbraccia un accogliente e panoramico casale.

The Mediterranean Garden

Above all ecoVita is a natural park, a garden where typical flora and fauna are preserved and favoured. Mediterranean scrub characterises the whole area.

An authentic life experience

With our stay in Agriglamping and the opportunity to enjoy a little relaxation at the bio-lake surrounded by nature; a true oasis of well-being where you can experience unique moments in a rural context but with all the comforts of an exclusive and charming stay.

The Biolake

Our Biolake, an oasis of well-being, environmental sustainability and natural beauty

ecoVita’s agricultural project

Currently the ecoVita agricultural project includes the cultivation of vegetables, cereals, olives, fruit and berries, aromatic herbs and egg production.
We are in the process of obtaining certification of organic production in the heartfelt hope that such certification will no longer be necessary in the future, because growing without synthetic chemicals will simply be the norm.

We have created two vegetable gardens and a beautiful hen house for free range laying hens. We take care of the olive trees, the vines and fruit trees
which had previously been planted here and there in the grounds for both family consumption and for our guests.

The Vegetable Gardens

La nostra tecnica è quella della micro orticoltura bio intensiva, realizzata senza l’uso di mezzi motorizzati e con un’alta densità vegetale.

The Hen House

Le nostre galline vivono all’aria aperta razzolando su un’ampia superficie di macchia mediterranea con ricoveri in ampie voliere realizzate con materiali naturali in legno, pietra e acciaio.

The ecoVita team

The people who make up our work team each have their own abilities, desires and limitations.
For us, doing business means achieving first and foremost the well-being of the people involved.

For this reason each activity is carried out respecting people’s individual characteristics and inclinations, as we respect the life that surrounds us.

Creative Time put in by those who contribute to making ecoVita grow is worth more than money, which they are nevertheless entitled to:
the organisation of a company is at the service of the people who work there, never the other way round!

Luca Maciocco

Luca Maciocco

Fondatore & CEO

Together with my wife and our two children I decided to make this dream come true in my magnificent homeland of Sardinia. ecoVita is my ideal of life.

Lorna Ann Read

Lorna Ann Read

Property Manager

I am a teacher and over the years I have developed an interest in ecology and humanistic education. Within the ecoVita project I deal mainly with agriculture.

Fabio Granelli

Fabio Granelli

Garden Manager

My contribution is to share my experience in business management and collaborate in the economic and sustainable development of ecoVita.

Discovering Sarrabus

Sarrabus is among the most treasured and evocative areas of Sardinia. In addition to boasting enchanting naturalistic landscapes, it represents a living testimony to a civilisation that managed to coexist with the surrounding environment without spoiling it, integrating with it and making it an important resource to be regenerated.

Located in the south eastern area of the island, Sarrabus is nestled between the mountains and the sea,
a perfect combination of unspoilt nature and the narration of ancient civilizations.

It extends from the Sette Fratelli mountains, a natural oasis covered by a dense and fragrant Mediterranean scrub, to the wooded areas of San Vito
and the Salto di Quirra up to the silver mines of Monte Narba in the mining village of San Vito,
among the largest areas of the historical and environmental Geo-Mining Park of Sardinia.

Sarrabus is home to one of the most evocative and important wetlands in Sardinia. It hosts an ecosystem of lagoons; the most important and representative being the lagoons of Feraxi, and Colostrai, natural salt marshes and the estuary of the Flumendosa. This complex of lake ecosystems is unique in its kind and priceless heritage. The lagoons are home to numerous species of Mediterranean birds such as flamingos and herons and open onto wonderful, pristine beaches.

Unspoilt nature is accompanied by traces of ancient nuragic and prenuragic civilizations.
Archaeological areas scattered throughout the territory including the “Domus di Janas” (fairy houses) prehistoric tombs carved into rock,
the “Tombe dei Giganti” (tombs of the giants), sepulchres whose morphology recalls that of a mother’s womb and the characteristic “Nuraghi”,
complex constructions with one or more towers numerous examples of which can be found in the countryside around ecoVita.

In this magnificent naturalistic setting there are over 70 km of coasts, an enchanting coastline characterised by Mediterranean vegetation and lagoons close to wild and unspoilt beaches such as Feraxi, Colostrai and San Giovanni, dreamy coves such as Porto de S’Illixi, Cala Monte Turno, Sant’Elmo, Cala Pira and beaches of super fine white sand such as Costa Rei and Cala Sinzias, all bathed by the crystal clear waters typical of our island.

Muravera, Villaputzu and San Vito, “sister” towns separated by the course of the Flumendosa and its tributaries, are, together with Castiadas the four municipalities of Sarrabus, rich in history, craftsmanship and the cradle of local gastronomy.

If you are looking for a unique and exciting experience, Sarrabus is an ideal travel destination, one of the most authentic destinations in Sardinia.

How to reach us

ecoVita is situated in Sardinia, near the village of San Priamo in Sarrabus, an as yet uncontaminated area rich in outdoor,
archaeological and cultural attractions where the sea (within cycling distance) makes its presence felt without dominating the other scents of the countryside,
favouring agricultural and naturalistic activities.

ecoVita is easily accessible from Cagliari. It is an hour’s drive from the airport. You can choose between two routes: a faster flowing one along the new SS125 or a more enchanting one: the old SS125 which winds its way through the Sette Fratelli mountains and takes 15 minutes longer.

ecoVita Eco Permaculture-based Farmhouse

An unforgettable experience in a Sardinia that will surprise you!