The Sustainable Farmhouse

We have designed the renovation of our farmhouse using green building techniques to optimise spaces, ensure well-being and comfortable living spaces while respecting nature.

The farmhouse dominates the eastern part of the land and is sheltered to the west by the central hill. It has an area of 300m which extends mainly on the ground floor, where the living room, the kitchen and five bedrooms are located and in the basement, where we have made an activity room and a workshop. On the first floor there is a family bedroom.

It was built more than ten years ago by the previous owners, who created a rustic style using good quality bricks and sufficient thermal insulation to ensure a good level of living comfort.

Together with our partners at Crùu we have created a renovation project which envisages: a radical change in the layout of the rooms in order to optimise the exposition and the use of spaces, the remaking of the roof insulation, the replacement of the fixtures and the laying of an external thermal coat in cork and natural earth-lime plaster.