Sustainable Agriculture

ecoVita is an innovative sustainable development project in the agritourism field that bases its foundations on respect for the environment and enhancement of the person with the aim of creating a strong bond between humankind and nature.

We believe that in the third millennium our concept of agriculture cannot be separated from caring for the environment and for people and that all of this is closely linked to the idea of sustainability. Respect for these principles lies in the hands of farmers, who live in the countryside, who live immersed in nature and who ultimately take care of nature. Permaculture effectively provides design elements and operative procedures to achieve this goal


The underlying principle of permaculture is that Nature contains all the necessary elements to sustain agricultural production and that the farmer’s task is to support the balances which allow natural biodynamics to function correctly: learning from Nature and cooperating with it rather than fighting it is the key to obtaining fruits from the earth without compromising its ecosystem.

To succeed in this endeavour you need common sense, intelligence, knowledge, determination, patience together with the humility that comes from the awareness that what we can truly understand rationally about the mechanisms of Nature is only a tiny part, balanced by all those intuitions we can perceive when we feel ourselves part of this ecosystem.