Bio Architecture

A house built in natural materials with a wise use of technology, envelops people in a deep-seated sense of well-being, increased by the awareness of how little we have altered the balance of the natural environment.

To achieve this goal we have adopted green building guidelines, thanks to the invaluable consulting of staff at Crùu, a network of companies and professionals specialised in the design and implementation of sustainable living systems.

  • Insulated, breathable walls with high level thermal efficiency;
  • floors designed to guarantee the ideal temperature in all seasons;
  • breathable roofs and ceilings designed to keep warm in winter and cool in summer;
  • bioclimatic windows which reduce heat requirements, with differentiated solar factors for different exposures;
  • walls and windows designed to ensure correct integration between opaque and transparent casing, avoiding mould and damp;
  • the use of natural materials free from harmful substances (earth, straw, wool, cork, lime, wood and hemp) guaranteeing a healthy environment.

An arch is nothing more than a fortress caused by two weaknesses. It is imperative that the arch in the buildings is composed of two parts of a circle whose quarter circles, each very weak in itself, want to fall, and opposing each other’s ruin, the two weaknesses are converted into a single fortress

Leonardo da Vinci