Circular Economy

Everything in the universe follows cycles and sustainability begins with the awareness and knowledge of these cycles, which allow us to respect and support them, drawing the resources we need to live happily in harmony with Nature.

The primary resource for life is water. Our land is well acquainted with water scarcity, as well as the consequences of heavy rains on soils that are not able to absorb them.

The harmonisation of the water cycle is a priority for ecoVita. It will be attained through a rainwater collection system, used with common sense for living and agricultural needs, purified using innovative and natural systems, channeled towards the bio lake to feed new life and finally absorbed, rich in vital energy, by the surrounding environment. This will allow us to minimise the use of water from underground aquifers.

We support Nature

Life needs organic matter, humus, to grow vigorously. All the organic matter produced at ecoVita is reused, with the aim of having a positive balance gradually making the earth richer and more productive, without the need for external contributions.

Renewable Sources

ecoVita draws the energy it needs from the sun and the wind, both directly producing it ourselves and indirectly relying exclusively on production from renewable and when possible local sources, with the ultimate goal of having a positive balance.

We also aspire to using and developing energy accumulation methods which do not need mines and disposal centres, such as ultra capacitors and inertial storage.