ecoVita collaborators

Creative Time put in by those who contribute to making ecoVita grow is worth more than money, which they are nevertheless entitled to: the organisation of a company is at the service of the people who work there, never the other way round!

Craftsmen, workers, farmers

Martino Zedda
I love my homeland, Sarrabus, deeply and it is a real pleasure to put my varied personal and professional experience ranging from agricultural-landscape management to organising events and my passions for cooking and archeology to use in a project like ecoVita.

Daniele Melis
I strongly believe in my homeland’s potential and think that ecoVita is the beginning of a great reality projected towards the future. It gives me the opportunity to put my experience in eco-sustainable agriculture, landscaping and construction into practice and to contribute to the idea of the world I would like to create.

Our consultants

Crùu is a network of companies and professionals who offer consultancy services for the design and implementation of sustainable living systems. They have accompanied ecoVita since the creation of the project in architectural, landscape and agronomic design.

Turismo & Innovazione
Turismo & Innovazione is a network of professionals and businesses who offer consultancy, services and products in tourism communication and territorial marketing. We are currently working on the integration of the ecoVita concept with the regional touristic offer.

Emanuele Gosamo
I was born in Turin in 1985, where I grew up, studied and graduated with a degree in Organic Agriculture followed by a Master’s degree in Organic Vegetable Production at Sassari University, where I qualified as an agronomist. I learnt about the countryside, then about wild territories through the eyes of a townsperson wanting to reconnect with nature and learn from all the different schools of thought. I worked for the AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) and for Slow Food and learnt a lot from older farmers. I then approached Permaculture, starting a course leading to a diploma from the Italian Academy of Permaculture. I developed my skills in the application of advanced technologies for agriculture, such as drones, for which I have a pilot’s licence. I collaborate with the Crùu team in supporting projects such as ecoVita for the sustainable development of our Sardinia.

Our “Supporters”

I like working with wood, so when I came on holiday to ecoVita I couldn’t resist carving the letters of the panels with the logo!

Alain Neyron

Friends for so many years, with Stéphanie we inspired Luca and Lorna’s interest in eco-friendly architecture and sustainable agriculture. I don’t hesitate to help in the kitchen and on all fronts when I come to ecoVita!


Lorenzo Pistolesi

I became interested in the project in my role as a catalyst for research on sustainable development in “Sardegna Ricerca”. When I go to ecoVita I like taking care of the roses and other flowers!

Marina Masala

I’m a seafaring man, but I don’t hold back when a hand to the hoe is needed!

Stefano Maciocco

Together with Lorenzo, I am happy to have fuelled Luca and Lorna’s passion to create this project and when we come from France I love working in the ecoVita gardens!

Stéphanie Jourdan


Lifegate provides us with100% renewable energy produced in Italy.

Salusair created our drinking water system


Sardegna Ricerche supports our project and encourages us to to “network” connecting us to public and private figures in the sustainable development and tourism fields.