Living at ecoVita

In short
  • We promote the harmonious integration of a person’s life with their environment
  • We pay attention to small children near the biolake.
  • We make rational use of water, our most precious resource
  • We don’t throw anything down the toilet
  • We use organic shampoos and soaps
  • We keep common areas clean and tidy
  • We separate waste carefully
  • We take care of high-quality organic cotton linen
  • We respect people’s privacy

ecoVita: a search for sustainability (and the joy of living!)

Everything in the universe follows cycles and sustainability begins with awareness and knowledge of these cycles, which allows us to respect and support them, drawing from them the resources we need to live happily in harmony with Nature.

ecoVita aspires to show “hands on” how agricultural production and tourist hospitality can be achieved based on the harmonious integration of a person’s life with their natural, social, technological and economic environment.

To this end we aim to be self-sufficient and close the resource loop as far as possible.

Furthermore, we deeply feel that our mission is to protect the natural environment in which we are immersed and we aim not only to preserve it, but to encourage its development.

To achieve this goal we need the cooperation of our guests; for this reason we have provided some indications on how best to enjoy your experience at ecoVita below.

Pay attention to children, especially in the bio-lake area

ecoVita is an agricultural business and our activities obviously continue even when guests are here, although we take care not to cause any disturbance. However, children must be supervised when they move to areas outside the camping area.

Our bio-lake is designed with a contour band of shallow water (20-30cm) to minimise the consequences of accidental entry into the water. The maximum depth is 1.5m. Never leave small children unattended in the bio-lake area.

Water is our most precious treasure, enjoy it responsibly

ecoVita is totally self-sufficient as far as water is concerned. All the water we use for domestic and food use and for irrigation comes from our wells, and we are constantly committed to optimising its use.

Of course we have plenty of water for our guests’ normal requirements, but we ask you to be very careful to make reasonable use of it and above all not to leave taps on.

Please do not throw anything in the toilets (not even toilet paper)

We are also self-sufficient in waste management, however since bio-digestion systems work properly when they receive only organic waste it is important not to throw anything else down the toilet.

If possible, use organic shampoos and shower gels

We provide our guests with organic shampoo and shower gel, use them responsibly, the less the bio-digesters are loaded with soaps, even if they are organic, the better they work.

Pay attention to waste separation and recycling

We have separate bins for:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Glass and aluminium
  • Dry waste
  • Food waste

Take care of our organic cotton linen

We provide our guests with high-quality organic cotton sheets and towels, which we replace after the third night’s stay (or upon request). Please treat them with care. Please note that we do not iron our laundry because we consider it wasteful to use so much time and electricity for this purpose.

Help us keep the common areas clean and tidy

The multipurpose room and the veranda are available for guests to cook and eat meals, to play and relax.

Each tent is assigned:

  • a set of plates, glasses, smaller and larger bowls, tea and coffee cups
  • a bottle and a jug that can be filled with drinking water
  • a food container
  • shelf space in the fridge and freezer

And in common we provide

  • cutlery
  • jars of salt, sugar and coffee
  • pots, pans and kitchen utensils
  • the kettle, coffee makers and toaster


  • use common resources with maximum hygiene
  • wash dishes and pots after use
  • clear away food and drinks
  • dispose of all waste in the appropriate bins

Every morning we clean the room and prepare it for breakfast, please help us by leaving it tidy.

We also use the room for the management of agricultural products after harvesting.

We respect everyone’s privacy and rest

We promote chatting and music at ecoVita, but always respecting everyone else’s needs.

If you have a dog, supervise it and keep it on a leash if necessary

At ecoVita we love dogs, but as well as the other guests there are our dogs and chickens free to roam… Depending on the type of dog and its behaviour it may be necessary to keep it on a leash.

Please smoke only in designated areas

Please remember you can only smoke outdoors and in designated areas. Make sure not to disturb anyone and leave your cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided, (not directly in the dry waste to avoid unpleasant smells).

Contact the staff to purchase our products

According to availability, we leave our agricultural products displayed in the multipurpose room, which we also use for managing fruit and vegetables. You can purchase them by contacting the staff.