Our cuisine

Our cuisine is closely linked to local production and combines the highest quality ingredients with the simplicity in preparing dishes, typical of Sardinian cooking.

ecoVita cuisine is closely linked to our own agricultural production, as well as that of local Sarrabus and Sardinian production in general and it certainly reflects the spirit: very high quality ingredients and simplicity in the preparation of dishes.

The result are dishes with distinctive yet delicate flavours.

Vegetables are at the heart of our cuisine, enriching the flavour of batters, soups, dips, savoury pies and first courses made with rice grown in Sardinia such as Artemide and Molas.

We then focused on “fan-shaped ravioli, typical of Sarrabus, close relatives of the better-known “culurgiones” (typical of nearby Ogliastra), prepared with 100% Cappelli wheat semolina and filled with our potatoes and onions, and with mature Sardinian pecorino.

The flour and semolina from Senatore Cappelli durum wheat reigns supreme in our cuisine because it is highly digestible due to its low gluten content and also because it is organically farmed in Sardinia, being a grain extremely resistant to drought and parasites. In fact, as well as for ravioli, we use it to make our bread and pizzas along with sweet and savoury pies.

The territory’s agro-pastoral tradition means you will have the chance to taste some excellent cheeses, first of all Pecorino Sardo, which we offer in a medium-mature version produced by a small dairy not far from ecoVita, accompanied by our home made jams.

Local cured meats are excellent, as is the beef, pork, lamb and goat’s meat, which we offer grilled or roasted on a spit, according to tradition.

However, what we consider to be really excellent as a second course is the fish from the fishing lagoons of San Giovanni, Colostrai and Feraxi. They live naturally, nourished between the sea and the lagoons and are fished with respect for their reproductive cycles. We strictly serve them grilled without any addition other than salt.

One of the highlights of our specialities is pizza, kneaded with a mixture of organic flours, predominantly Cappelli wheat, cooked in our self-built raw earth wood-fired oven and topped mainly with home grown vegetables.

We complete our culinary offer with exquisite tarts and desserts either homemade or from the nearby bakery, Su Civraxiu, in Camisa.

When choosing our wines we opted for the zero km offer, with the Vermentino Praidis and the Cannonau DOC Capo Ferrato, produced in the nearby Castiadas winery.

Our pizzas are accompanied by Lara “craft” beer, traditionally brewed in nearby Tertenia, particularly the “Del Senatore” beer (made with Cappelli wheat!), with a very delicate, soft and refreshing taste.

Our meals end with ecoVita mirto, made with (a little) raw cane sugar and other local liqueurs.