Our guest rooms

The ecoVita farmhouse is the result of artisanal construction conceived differently from the usual “standards” and creates a welcoming atmosphere of well-being and relaxation.

The recently renovated rooms offer a unique experience of hospitality, in an environment designed and created so that our guests can enjoy harmony and contact with nature. The rooms are located at a slight height and from them there is a view of the Mediterranean park and the surrounding countryside which creates a feeling of affinity with the territory.

An intimate and warm atmosphere

Our rooms are characterised by the intimate and warm atmosphere that envelops the guests who stay there, infusing a profound sense of well-being. They are simply furnished and embellished with colourful artistic touches and can accommodate both couples and families with children in a single mini suite.

Staying at ecoVita means being able to spend a Life experience together with your family and for those who would like to, being able to share part of this time in harmony with the other guests, enjoying the positive vibrations of the surrounding natural environment.

ecoVita came into being precisely from this dream: to show “hands on” how tourist hospitality can be managed by working on the harmonious integration of a person’s life with their natural environment.

In this way, our home becomes the world and our family humanity.