Our Hospitality

Hospitality and sharing are the heart of ecoVita.
We want to transmit the joy, well-being, motivation and commitment we experience in our everyday lives to our guests.

We have already welcomed many people to ecoVita, our friends from near and afar, but we plan to start welcoming customers from spring 2022, once the partial renovation of the farmhouse is completed and the areas designated for agri camping have been set up and equipped.

Discovering Southern Sardinia

Our plan is to accompany our guests on activities both inside and outside the agricultural village, to discover the infinite wonders of Southern Sardinia.

Activities at ecoVita are based on exchange and creation of knowledge, experience, points of view and emotions. We cook, we cultivate, we sing and play, we paint, we conceive and create technical systems useful to the village, we speak various languages, we tell stories, hold seminars, dialogues on specific subjects using non violent communication.

We hold courses on humanistic, scientific and technical themes. Schools will always be welcome to visit for mini courses.

Excursions in Sarrabus

Excursions in Sarrabus, but also in Campidano and Ogliastra, lead us to the millennial history of the nuragic civilisation (ecoVita is surrounded by nuraghi, giants’ tombs (tombe dei gigantic) and fairy houses (domus de Janas) in the surrounding hillsides), to the more recent Giudicati history, to wild, pristine beaches breathtaking lagoons, ancient mountains and woodland.