The Agricultural Village

ecoVita is a farm situated on land largely covered by spontaneous vegetation typical of the Mediterranean bush and is home to a welcoming and panoramic farmhouse

The farm is situated on 3 hectares of land largely covered by wild plants such as strawberry tree, mastic, wild olive, myrtle, lavender, helichrysum, rockrose, wild orchids to name but a few.

Amongst them you can find cultivated trees such as olives, figs, citrus fruits, medlars and other fruit trees as well as two small vegetable gardens, mostly intended for family use.

The ecoVita Experience

We have created two vegetable gardens with an actual cultivated area of about 250 m2 where we have planted a wide variety of vegetables. To the west of the plot you can find the hen house, with our 250 free range laying hens. They are given exclusively organic feed from certified organic farming, together with the “delicacies” they find in the Mediterranean scrub.

We plan to start a training and educational farm activity to give our guests the opportunity to live the ecoVita experience to the full. We will also be available to host social and cultural events. As well as this, ecoVita is a centre for research, experimentation and validation of innovative methods of sustainable development, applicable in the agricultural, technical, economic and social fields and we also work in contact with Universities and Research Centres.

The ecoVita terrace

The farmhouse is at the centre of the land on a slight hill and just behind it is the highest point which we like to call the “ecoVita Terrace”. From here you have a wonderful view over the farmland and surrounding countryside which you can enjoy from a small, panoramic swimming pool!