Our Biolake, an oasis of well-being, environmental sustainability and natural beauty.

A pool of fresh water, suitable for bathing and perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment, the bio lake is a natural ecosystem that favours biodiversity, creating balance and harmony in our Mediterranean park.

The waters of the bio lake remain alive and healthy thanks to phytodepuration, which occurs through the action of colonies of “positive” bacteria that are created between the roots of aquatic plants and proliferate in the porosity of the gravel and pumice bed in which the plants lodge, destroying the “negative” bacteria and thus purifying the water in constant circulation through phytodepuration.

Although the bio lake was created artificially, like a natural lake it remains vibrant and pure. Different plants and animal species coexist, helping to preserve the water quality and creating a true microcosm of biodiversity. The bio-lake is home to various species of aquatic plants such as rushes, bulrushes (typha phragmites), papyrus, iris, hibiscus and water mint. Numerous animal species are attracted to this natural environment; birds, frogs, turtles, dragonflies. They come to rest, drink, refresh themselves and help to balance the biosphere by eliminating the excesses of harmful insects such as mosquitoes and sand flies for example. Wasps also prefer to linger among the phytodepuration plants rather than bother those who are relaxing around the lake.

The bio lake is instrumental in protecting the territory and the local ecosystem, as well as being a beautiful place  where you can cool off and relax in harmony with nature, lulled by the lapping of the water.