The Mediterranean Garden

Those who have already had the opportunity to visit our island know that the first strong sensation you experience as you step off the plane is olfactory: the scent of Sardinia, Nature’s expertly prepared blend of fragrant herbs and sea salt that envelops us, stimulates our imagination and remains etched forever in our memory.

Above all ecoVita is a natural park, a garden where typical flora and fauna are preserved and favoured. Mediterranean scrub forms a backdrop to the whole area, cohabiting with farming activities in some areas and flourishing unchallenged over large areas dedicated to walking and botanical discoveries.

A sensory journey through time and space

The strawberry tree is the prince of the bush, a generous shrub that can grow to be a tree, it spreads an evergreen shade and bears succulent autumnal fruit. It loves to live in close contact to mastic, wild olives and phillyrea, good for shade, but also for precious oils. Wild lavender is everywhere and competes with helicrhrysum to scent the air at ecoVita. Myrtle thrives in areas less exposed to the wind promising its winter harvest of fragrant berries which will become jam and liqueur. Protected by its larger companions, the wild orchid blooms here and there. All species work to support the growth of holm and cork oaks, noble trees of the wood, the culmination of the Mediterranean bush.

A walk in the garden at ecoVita, with an eye trained to observe, is a sensory journey through time and space.