The Next Steps

In these first few months of work we have created the aviary for the laying hens, the vegetable gardens, the well water purification system, the landscaping project, the water management project and the renovation and energy efficiency project for the existing building using green building practices.

In addition to agricultural management, we are working on the enhancement of the existing botanical heritage and we have set up a network of relationships and are collaborating with local businesses/associations with the aim of teaming up to build a multidisciplinary tourist product for the promotion of the territory: Sarrabus and the destination: Sardinia.


Over the next two years we are going to be working on:

  • The consolidation and optimisation of current agricultural activities; egg and vegetable production.
  • The implementation of the park improvement and building renovation project, in order to start receiving tourists.
  • The extension of the agricultural project, boosting and improving existing aromatic herbs, planting a Mediterranean orchard, a combined table grape vineyard and almond orchard, and olive and citrus groves.

We plan to start a training and educational farm activity to give our guests the opportunity to live the ecoVita experience to the full. We will be available to host social and cultural events. ecoVita is a centre for research, experimentation and validation of innovative methods of sustainable development, applicable in the agricultural, technical, economic and social fields and we also work in contact with Universities and Research Centres.