The territorial network

The relations between businesses and the territory

In recent years, new economic and social dynamics have given rise to new challenges for rural areas and the need to create innovative development models through which modern ways of organising and promoting the territory and its resources are defined. Farms play a very important role, both in the immediate context of their activities and functions and in the relationship with the territory. This is a complex relationship, which involves multiple spheres in addition to the economic one and in particular the social, cultural, ecological and environmental ones.

Today agricultural entrepreneurs find themselves facing a changed reality, which on one hand requires them to be more involved and active and on the other offers them many more opportunities for development and innovation through the creation of new experiences and paths, the construction of alliances and synergies, both public and private and the weaving of direct links with final consumers and more generally with the general public.

The territory is a place where knowledge is collected, handed down and shared, a place both of conservation and innovation. Rediscovering a link with the territory above all means researching and building new relationships with those who live and work there, based on dialogue, exchange and ties, not only economic ones, but also social and natural resource management.

Why it is important to build a territorial network

ecoVita is very active in creating bonds of collaboration and friendship in the area: we have established partnerships with various micro-enterprises in our area, from the agricultural production sector (Gioele’s Ortofrutetto which has officially become part of ecoVita, Monica’s Pugnoditerra and various other small local producers), in sales (the Su Civraxiu bakery which hosts “the musical eggs” on Saturday morning) and in tourist reception (Efisio’s Casa Piddia, the Limen-Archeosarrabus Association and various people from the numerous, local B&Bs). ecoVita is also in close contact with the G. Verdi Musical Association of Muravera for the promotion of musical activities in the area, especially for young people.
As well as this ecoVita participates in the Sarrabus Rural District assembly and in the activities of the GAL SoleGranoTerra in Sarrabus-Gerrei.