ecoVita, our values

The word “eco” derives from the Greek noun oikos which means home, family. When we consider the world as our home and humankind and all living creatures as our family this precious prefix takes on all its depth and universal meaning.

The Idea

ecoVita came to light as a dream: to show “hands on” how you can create agricultural production and tourist hospitality based on harmonious integration of people’s lives and their natural, social, technological and economic environments.

Ethical Values

ecoVita shares and applies the ethical and humanistic values iterated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the Earth Charter, which Permaculture summarises in these three concepts:

  • Take care of the Earth
  • Take care of people
  • Share equally
The world is a complex and interconnected network of infinite correlations. When we apply this vision to matter and to all living things, including people, we can see the world as one great single living entity. This is the true nature of our own life.
Daisaku Ikeda